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Christmas wishes...

  • bedtime!
    I really have been a good girl, and I am sure Christmas is on the way...

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    13 August 2009


    Janice  Robertson

    Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for posting this. The plums look very pretty in the jar although they do look quite small. The ones in my local greengrocers are about double the size! Do you think I could halve them? Would this spoil it?

    Janice x


    I wouldn't halve them, maybe just pick the smallest one you can get and do a slightly bigger jar? These were about one and a half inches long? But you'll deffo be able to do my next two plum recipes, baby pending!


    oooooh sounds naughty but nice!
    Glad all is well Sarah, I have been thinking about you recently and wondering how you and baby were doing....please make sure you keep us updated with nappy news when it happens!
    Did I tell you I will be doing same in january? Funny how life throws these unexpected things at you eh.
    Hope you enjoy the last days of your pregnancy, and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!


    Any news Sarah???
    Thinking of you!


    hi Sarah.........sorry to write to you through your blog but I can't locate your email address right now.

    just wanted to say I'm thinking about you and wonder how life is now that you are three??? I bet Jake is growing fast, i hope all is well and happy?

    Drop me a line if you get half a minute, would love to hear some baby news.
    lots of love Lucexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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