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Christmas wishes...

  • bedtime!
    I really have been a good girl, and I am sure Christmas is on the way...

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    31 October 2007



    Hello there have posted comment on here for a September post! Thank you for the link to The Summer Book - have ordered it now - I had been talking about Finn Family Moomintroll at work the other day and noone had been read it at school like me - I am going to get that as well - what memories - somewhere I have a felt Moomin I made!! when i was little. We arent that far from Whitby where is Becketts? I don't think that I have eaten there?? I love your cottage and have spent many a sunny Sunday afternoon in the Nursery gardens by the Esk. When I was little we used to go Staithes or Whitby for fish and chips on a long summers night as a treat. Yuou should read Mrs Nesbitts place blog she lives quite near Whitby and adores the whole area - mind you who wouldnt. Glad to find you -Catherine

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