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Christmas wishes...

  • bedtime!
    I really have been a good girl, and I am sure Christmas is on the way...

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    22 August 2007



    Well, judging by the last time I tried to light my barbe, I'm not very good- I couldn't find any firelighters so i thought it would be a good idea to use the corkscrew to open a cigarette lighter and use the gas. gas. yes you heard right- it exploded in my face. not too much damage, and I was quite drunk so I was ok. I did once cook bacon with a sprinkling of herbs de provence. It was yucky. Think I'll stick to shabby chic sewing...


    ha ha carli! maybe I need to do an entry on how to light the damn thing! No wait...I can't do it either. I believe that is what husbands are for :-)

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