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Christmas wishes...

  • bedtime!
    I really have been a good girl, and I am sure Christmas is on the way...

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    20 September 2007



    This sounds yummy. I'm like you in thinking that my own scrambled eggs are rather good! Do love this idea of adding to them though. I'm definitley going to give this a try although perhaps not this weekend as I'm off to my parents again and as B&B owners, my Mum does make the best breakfasts ever so I'll be leaving it to her!


    Ooh spicy eggs! I've just eaten wholegrain brown bread toast with marmite, melted cheese, worcestershire sauce and home made ketchup. (and a tiny splash of tabasco) I love spicy food for breakfast. Find me a nice recipe for kegeree and I'll be your forever! p.s. nice Christmas list. have you tried

    Janice Robertson

    Add a Bloody Mary and this would be my perfect brunch. Good tip about removing the eggs from the heat while they are still a bit runny - it's so tempting to leave them longer. I'll be brave.

    Janice x

    vintage twist

    Love scrambled eggs but don't much enjoy cleaning the pan afterwards!


    Dearest Sarah,
    What a lovely, lovely comment you left on my blog. Thank you. Gosh, your blog looks so good, it might even convince me that cooking can be fun!


    Where are you mrs?


    That sounds delish.... :o)

    My recipe has chopped grilled mushrooms, grated cheddar, a smidge of chopped raw onion and plenty of pepper, all heaped onto buttered Ryvita - your recipe sounds like a lovely variation and I'll give it a go this weekend!

    Weekday breakfasts, I'm hooked on Waitrose potato croquettes at the mo (they can live in the freezer and they're not too full of monodiglycerides of ethyl-methyl gunk) and a big wodge of ketchup - every bit as decadent as a fry-up, but not too fatty. (Breakfast is the only meal I get really excited about, as you may be guessing here! LOL)

    vintage twist

    Love scarmbled eggs so may well ty this one.

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