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Christmas wishes...

  • bedtime!
    I really have been a good girl, and I am sure Christmas is on the way...

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    16 June 2007



    Ooh that looks delicious! I totally agree about reclaiming time for ourselves. The world is spinning past too fast and we need to rekindle those times for making memories. I was laying in the garden the other evening after a particularly sunny day, wrapped in a blanket, barefoot and eating jam on bread. I haven't felt like a seven year old for 25 years, and it was quite magical! xxx

    Sunila Galappatti

    I've now made this twice in one week. It's lovely and is even better the second day (yes, that's three meals in one week).

    The first time I made it I realised it had the extra advantage that only one of the ingredients needs cooking. So when - on three hours' sleep and a relatively bare cupboard - I set about making lunch for a friend today, it was the obvious choice.

    Kate Norgrove

    I am the said friend that enjoyed this salad yesterday. I would recommend the additional lime juice and walnuts added yesterday. Great blog.


    hmm!! walnuts and lime! could be good!
    thanks Kate xx


    Looks lovely, Boots used to do a divine sarnie back in about 1990 that had grapes, walnuts and cheese, and this looks much better!

    That 20 minutes chill-time at home preparing it is well worth it IMO, when balanced against the shop cost of a sandwich - and then the gym membership to burn off all the mono-hydrogenated ethyl-methyl compounds of derivatives...


    too true Chandra! I also remember that sarnie it was yum!

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